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Past 2016 Event(s)

November 2, 2016RISC Seminar
  • Kristian Gjøsteen (Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU, Norway): E-voting in Norway - from the number field sieve to the usability lab
September 1st, 2016RISC Seminar
  • Benjamin Wesolowski (EPFL, LACAL): Randomness on the blockchain
August 26, 2016Joint RISC Seminar/Intercity Seminar/Workshop on Mathematical Structures for Cryptography
  • Nadia Heninger (University of Pennsylvania): Cryptographic applications of capacity theory
  • Florian Hess (Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg): Asymptotically fast arithmetic in Jacobians of curves of large genus
  • Andreas Enge (INRIA Bordeaux-Sud-Ouest): Short addition sequences for theta functions
  • Chaoping Xing (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore): Codex and applications to local decoding of Reed-Muller codes
July 8RISC Seminar
  • Yuan Chen (NTU Singapore): Rank-metric codes beyond unique decoding radius
July 1RISC Seminar
  • Paul Kirchner (ENS Paris, Université de Rennes 1): Algorithms on Ideals over Complex Multiplication order
June 3RISC Seminar
  • Fabrice Benhamouda (ENS, Paris): Disjunctions for Hash Proof Systems: New Constructions and Applications
May 25RISC Seminar
  • Pierre Karpman (Inria & Nanyang Technological University): The littlun S-box and the fly block cipher
March 3RISC Seminar
  • Antonio de la Piedra (Radboud University Nijmegen): Creative approaches for shrinking cryptographic implementations
January 27Joint RISC/N&O Seminar
  • Noah Stephens-Davidowitz (New York University): Solving SVP and CVP in 2^n Time via Discrete Gaussian Sampling
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