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Past 2017 Event(s)

December 7, 2017RISC Seminar on Secure Multi-Party Computation and Code-Based Cryptography
  • Yuval Ishai (Technion, Israel, and UCLA, USA): Secure arithmetic computation with constant computational overhead
  • Marcel Keller (University of Bristol, UK): Overdrive: making SPDZ great again
  • Gilles ZĂ©mor (University of Bordeaux, France): On code-based cryptography: making McEliece and Regev meet
October 5, 2017RISC Seminar
  • Esteban Landerreche (Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, Universiteit van Amsterdam): Leaning on Impossible-to-Parallelise Work for Immutability Guarantees in the Blockchain
August 30, 2017RISC Seminar
  • Eli Biham (Technion, Israel): New Results in Linear Cryptanalysis
August 7, 2017RISC Seminar
  • Victor Shoup (Courant Institute, NYU): Hash Proof Systems, Old and New
July 17, 2017RISC Seminar
  • Carles Padró (UPC, Barcelona): Improving the Linear Programming Technique in the Search for Lower Bounds in Secret Sharing
Friday February 24thRISC Seminar
  • Willy Quash (ENS Lyon, CWI): Hash Proof Systems over Lattices Revisited
February 10RISC Seminar
  • Vesselin Velichkov (University of Luxembourg): Optimal Trails in ARX Ciphers: A New Search Technique and Applications