The ORFEUS repository was harvested in December 2010 for all MSEED files. It took about 15 minutes on a standard desktop to collect the file names leading to an initial vault catalog of 3.3M rows. Each row described one file, which itself contains on average 12 records, each with a few thousand sensor readings. A total of 150e10^9  events  and  growing at a rate of 30e10^6 per day.

This demonstrator will provide SQL access to the all encompasing table:

CREATE TABLE "sys"."mseed" (
    "fileid"           INTEGER       NOT NULL,
    "seqno"        INTEGER       NOT NULL,
    "quality"       CHAR(1),
    "network"     VARCHAR(11),
    "station"       VARCHAR(11),
    "location"     VARCHAR(11),
    "channel"     VARCHAR(11),
    "time"           TIMESTAMP,
    "data"            INTEGER,
    CONSTRAINT "mseedcatalog_mseed_seqno_pkey" PRIMARY KEY ("fileid", "seqno")

The sample demonstration queries are focussed on time/spatial slices in combination with aggregation over partial time series.