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XMark — An XML Benchmark Project

Databases are the preferred storage engines for many types of mission critical data. The advent of massive amounts of XML data on the World Wide Web is a challenge to current DBMS (Database Management Systems) as they are originally designed for regular data that nicely fit into tables, which is not the case for many types of XML data.

The database community increasingly devotes attention to practical management of large volumes of XML data. Prototypes of dedicated XML repositories are available and database vendors extend the functionality of their products to meet the XML processing requirements. Alongside the standardization activities of query languages, there is a strong need for a framework to analyze the capabilities and performance of such products as early as possible.

The aim of the XMark project is to provide a benchmark suite that allows users and developers to gain insights into the characteristics of their XML repositories.

A technical report can be downloaded from our ftp server with background information on the XMark project, as well as a description of the experimental framework in which we gathered our initial experiences with XML and databases.

A general motivation discussing why it is sensible and necessary to benchmark XML storage systems is available here. Eventually, there is also an slightly updated and more readable conference version of the original technical report.

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