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  RISC Seminar

Computational Soundness of Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Speaker:Dominique Unruh (Saarland University, Germany)
Date/Time:Wed 28.05.08, 14.45 - 15.30 h
Location: CWI Amsterdam, Room M279

The abstraction of cryptographic operations by term algebras, called Dolev-Yao models, is essential in almost all tool-supported methods for proving security protocols. Recently significant progress was made in proving that Dolev-Yao models offering the core cryptographic operations such as encryption and digital signatures can be sound with respect to actual cryptographic realizations and security definitions (computational soundness).

Recent work, however, has started to extend Dolev-Yao models to more sophisticated operations with unique security features. Zero-knowledge proofs arguably constitute the most amazing such extension. In this talk, we show how zero-knowledge proofs can be modelled in a Dolev-Yao model and analyse the cryptographic properties a zero-knowledge proof needs to fulfil to allow for computational soundness results.

(Joint work with Michael Backes and Matteo Maffei.)


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